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Our Trauma Care Webinars are a great way to learn bite sized information in the comfort of your own home. Either take part in the interactive live event with key questions and answers or catch up with the recordings when you subscribe.


See below to register for one of the live upcoming webinars. Remember if you would like a CPD Certificate for attending one of these live webinars, then you will need to be a member of Trauma Care. You will have the option to purchase a CPD Certificate after the webinar event. The link to request a certificate will be sent to you in the follow-up email. Members have certificates that are Issued automated and will be sent within 24 hours of the live event. 


From Afghanistan to Antarctica

Presented by Kate Philp

Wed 23rd June 2021 at 8pm


Kate was deployed on operations
in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kate’s tour of Afghanistan came to an abrupt end when injuries caused by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) resulted in her electing to have her leg amputated below the knee, marking her out as the first British female to lose a limb in combat.


Pre-hospital Management of Crush Injury 

Presented by Prof. Richard Lyon MBE

Wed 30th June 2021 at 8pm


ProF. Richard Lyon will share experience of managing crush injury patients, discuss the mechanisms by which crush injury occurs and describe an approach to pre-hospital crush syndrome management in a UK civilian setting.




The Use Of Drones In Medical Practice

Presented by Col. Paul Parker

Wed 15th September 2021 at 8pm


Col Parker will examine how UAVs will influence battlefield resupply and casualty evacuation, including in-flight resuscitation and surgery on the asymmetric battlefields of tomorrow. He will also look at how these lessons from the battlefield can be used in civilian medicine.


The Role Of Interventional Radiology In Trauma

Presented by Robert Jones

Wed 14th July 2021 at 8pm


Robert Jones is a Consultant Interventional Radiologist at QE Hospital Birmingham.

This webinar will focus on the role of Interventional Radiology (IR) in trauma.



Stabbed Neck

Presented by Martin Griffiths

Wed 4th August 2021 at 8pm


Martin is Clinical Lead for Trauma Surgery at Barts Health.


Martin has consolidated his roles within NHSE & NHS London and playing a more active role in supporting the Violence Reduction Unit in London and providing advocacy for the uplift of VRUs within the 18PCCs awarded VRU status.


Functional Management Of An Achilles Tendon Rupture

Presented by Anne-Marie Hutchison 

Wed 21st July 2021 at 8pm


Anne-Marie Consultant Physiotherapist Swansea Bay Health Board & Honorary Senior Lecturer the Medical School Swansea University - UK.

This webinar will be based on functional management of an Achilles tendon rupture.


999- My Experience as a Front Line Paramedic

Presented by Dan Farnworth

Wed 18th August 2021 at 8pm


Having worked in the emergency services for more than fifteen years, Dan Farnworth has seen it all.


There was the time he was called to take away a dead body - only for the 'corpse' to jolt back into life and demand to know what he was doing in her house.


All of our webinars are available for you to watch back on-demand and at your convenience. Please find our library of previous CPD webinars below:

Military Ballistic Facial Injuries: Contemporary Management 

Presented by

Lt. Col. Johno Breeze

Early Management of Pelvic Trauma

Presented by

Prof Julian Cooper


The Impact of Early Management on the Burn Care Pathway

Presented by

Ken Dunn

How effective and what is the cost of inhaled Methoxyflurane?

Presented by Prof Niro Siriwardena

Recovery After Covid - What Every Clinician Should Know

Presented by

Prof Chris Moran

Fractured Neck Of Femur

Presented by Martyn Parker






Commanding UK Ambulance Services through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Presented by

Prof. Anthony Marsh

The role of hypoxia in trauma, critical care, Covid 19 & survival

Presented by Dr Sundeep Dhillon MBE



Abdominal Trauma

Presented by

Adam Brooks


Ballistics: Guns don't kill people, bullets do

Presented by Jowan Penn-Barwell

External Haemorrhage Control

Presented by

Col. Paul Parker

Violence Reduction

– What does it mean to you?



Presented by Dr. Rachel Jenner and Kirsten McDermott

Empowering The General Public To Save Lives




Presented by

Andrew Thurgood

Responding to the Mental Health Needs of Healthcare Staff Before, During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presented by Prof. Richard Williams & Morwenna Maddock

Ophthalmology Trauma: ​​​​​​​Pre-Hospital Assessment

Presented by

Dr. Richard Blanch



Presented by

Sir Prof. Keith Porter


Vascular Trauma

Presented by

Col Nigel RM Tai




Injured Children The Difference Between ​​​​​​​Adults and Children

Presented by

Dr. Ian Maconochie

Pre-Hospital Management of Severe Hypothermia

Presented by

Dr. Les Gordon

The C-ABC of Recognising and Treating Heat Stroke

Presented by

Lt Col Mike Stacey

Leadership in 



Presented by

Brig. Tim Hodgetts

Three Years of Code Red: The Birmingham Experience

Presented by

Dr. Rob Moss

Serious Youth

Violence in 

the UK

Presented by

Dr. Martin P Griffiths

Supporting Sexually

Assaulted Patients


Presented by

Samantha Thompson

Current Issues in 

the Management of

Chest Injury

Presented by

Mr. Richard Steyn

Trauma Care

in the Austere


Presented by

Prof. Tony Redmond


Prehospital Management of Injured Children



Presented by

Dr. Clare Bosanko


Airway Strategies in Prehospital Care



Presented by

Dr. Lauren Weekes

Snakebites - Global Emergency Medicine Consideration and Perspectives for EM Physicians

Presented by Dr. Chet Trivedy and Darryl Wood

Fatal Fractures

Presented by Prof. Sir Keith Porter

The Role of

the Coroner

Presented by Louise Hunt

Understanding Injury Experience in RTCs

Presented by Adam Barrow


10 Golden Rules of Motor Vehicle Collisions


Presented by Dr. Tim Nutbeam


Blast Injury:

The Science


Presented by Dr. Emrys Kirkman

Closed Chest Compressions in Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

Presented by Dr. Sarah Watt MRCVS

Paediatric C-Spine Fractures: Initial Investigation and Management

Presented by David McConnell

Penthrox: An Inhalatory Analgesic


Presented by Prof. Sir Keith Porter


Why Trauma Patients Die...


Presented by Prof. Guy Rutty

Moral Injury: What is it and Why it Matters in a Pandemic


Presented by Dr. Esther Murray


Current Practice


Presented by Dr. Tim Stansfield

Trauma Induced Coagulopathy Mechanisms and Management

Presented by Prof. Karim Brohi

How to Manage "Minor" Head Injury

Presented by Dr. Caroline Leech

An Introduction to the RESPECT Process

Presented by Dr. Dhushy Surendra Kumar

Good Medicine in Bad Places


Presented by Phil Keating

Civility and Complexity in Trauma Teams


Presented by Dr. Chris Turner

Why is My Trauma Patient Hypotensive?

Presented by Dr. Caroline Leech




Presented by Dr. Jan Jansen

NMTNG Competences and Standards


Presented by Andrea Hargreaves


Primary Assessment of Paediatric Trauma


Presented by Dr. David Hanna

Traumatic Cardiac Arrest - A Paradigm Shift in ALS Management

Presented by Dr. Ami Jones

Airway Mischief in Pre-Hospital Trauma

Presented by Dr. Lauren Weekes

Learning From Excellence

Presented by Dr. Emma Plunkett

Medical Interventions and Rescue at Height


Presented by Phil Keating

Enhancing Performance Under Stress

Presented by Dr. Clare Bosanko


Diving Emergencies



Presented by Dr. Chris Press

How to Clear the C-Spine


Presented by Dr. Caroline Leech

Damage Control Rususcitation in Children

Presented by Dr. Paul Reavely

Extrication Do's and Don'ts - A Multi Disciplinary Approach

Presented by Dr. Tim Nutbeam

Mountain Medicine - Lessons of Snowdonia


Presented by Dr. Linda Dykes



in Sport


Presented by Dr. Andy Smith

Traumatic Cardiac Arrest - NO's


Presented by Prof. Jason Smith

The Pre-Hospital Management of Pelvic Fractures

Presented by Dr. Caroline Leech

The Changing Face of Major Trauma

Presented by Prof. Sir Keith Porter

Pit Crew Resuscitation: Microgains to Improve Outcomes

Presented by Andy Thomas


Trauma Care was founded in 1996 to address the need for commonly agreed standards of best clinical practice in the management of trauma. We aim to improve the outcome of the trauma victim by establishing best practice throughout the whole chain of care. We achieve this through education, research and publishing. No other organisation encompasses the diverse specialities involved in care of trauma victims from the moment of injury, to the return to active life.

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