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" Trauma is a serious public health problem, with notable social and economic costs. In the UK, 17,000 deaths each year are a direct result of injuries. Annually, injuries lead to 720,000 hospital admissions and 6 million visits to emergency departments. Victims of trauma receive care and attention from many individuals within a wide range of specialities and professional backgrounds. Without commonly agreed standards, patients’ outcome may be less than optimal. "


Trauma Care was founded in 1996 to address the need for commonly agreed standards of best clinical practice in the management of trauma. We aim to improve the outcome of the trauma victim by establishing best practice throughout the whole chain of care. We achieve this through education, research and publishing. No other organisation encompasses the diverse specialities involved in care of trauma victims from the moment of injury, to the return to active life.

Trauma Care is a Registered UK Charity No. 1078780