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Trauma Care was founded in 1996 to address the need for commonly agreed standards of best clinical practice in the management of trauma.  Here we tell you about the need, the aims and the future of Trauma Care UK.


Seventeen Successful International Trauma Conferences

Our conference is now an established part of the UK trauma year

Publication of TRAUMA Journal

The official journal of Trauma Care (in conjunction with Sage Publicaions)

Publication of the Trauma Care Manual

Defining clear practical guidelines reflecting British clinical practice

Development of Consensus Papers

On key trauma management issues such as pre-hospital management of burns, crush injuries and resuscitation fluids

Award of Travel Bursaries for Research

Regional Conferences and Workshops

With single aspect themes of trauma management, presenting the best evidence-based management and reviewing current clinical controversies

The Future

Trauma Care is now the leading UK organisation promoting multidisciplinary involvement in education designed to optimise the care of the trauma victim. We are now in our 16th year, and our annual international conference is a recognised highlight in the trauma education calendar.

Our membership is currently growing by more than 20% each year and our journal "Trauma" has an ever-increasing number of subscriptions. In addition, the first edition of the Trauma Care Manual is now established as the definitive statement of best clinical practice in the UK.

Having consolidated our reputation, Trauma Care looks forward to the development of further statements of best practice on key clinical issues, and to furthering the development of our regional structure, which has been successful in developing a number of regional conferences in the UK.

Trauma Care's Aim

Trauma Care aims to improve the outcome of the trauma victim by establishing best practice throughout the whole chain of care. We achieve this through education, research and publishing.

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Trauma Care is a Charity registered in the UK, Number 1078780

Trauma Care has also established a limited liability company to maximise fund-raising in areas not compatible with its charitable status

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